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Nikaya is an optimist by nature, and very much a people person. She longs nothing more than to be accepted by the people she loves and to spend as much time with them as possible. This is often undermined by her head strong attitude and inattention to details (such as time,) which get her in trouble as often as not. Her sister is the one to best keep her in line, often offering alternative paths or loopholes around whatever wall it is that Nikaya is butting against. Nikaya loves Nefertiri for this, but has also begun to resent her place as the problem child.

The reserved and calculating Nefertiri is an acclaimed warrior among her people. Well known for her ability to handle well under pressure, she is often called upon to lead her peers in hunting expeditions. Nefertiri finds solace in the rules and regulations of her society and is unaccustomed to being at odds with authority. Her one point of contention is her sister, for whom she will bend rules beyond her comfort zone. There is a growing discord within her, however, at always being regulated to her sister's keeper.

Minor Characters

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