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Mahi is a quiet, intelligent young man who enjoys spending his days on the hunt with his dogs (Boda and Fei) or fashioning baskets and bowls for the tribe. Among their best artisans, Mahi's work is highly prized at tribal gatherings and traded for many items the tribe needs. He is also Nikaya's best friend, besides her sister, and has often gone to bat for her in the past in regards to being accepted among their peers. Of all their age-mates, Mahi seems to best understand her, and she, him.


Feisty, arrogant, and completely fearless, this huntresses is known by her peers as being a bit of a dare-devil. She lacks any and all empathy for those who cannot, or will not, fight for what they believe in. Tcheyna also possesses a mean sense of humour when it comes to people she feels have wronged her; she can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.


Born of the Iluo tribe, Kahi joined Kinari when she was nineteen. There, she married a Niixi, a young shaman. Kahi rose quickly through the ranks of the priesthood, and at thirty-two was named their head priestess. Kind in both manner and her interpretations of the Gods' wills, Kahi has earned herself a reputation of fairness and empathy among many of the tribes which have contact with Kinari. She and Niixi had three daughters: Ruouri, Nikita, and Meimei


After the death of Nikita, Meimei volunteered to take in the child left behind. The youngest of the three, Meimei is typically seen as being shy and quiet. Though not the most accomplished huntress, she enjoys the respect of her tribeswomen for her skill in mediation, and she is often called upon by Ruouri to help in inter-tribal disputes. Meimei has had two children with her husband Anzai: Hikusa and Nefertiri.


As Kin Leader, it is Samati's duty to see to the care and training of every horse in Kinari's herd.


Queen of Kinari, Ruouri inherited her position from her late grandmother, Mowege.


The youngest sister of Tcheyna, daughter of Uqiki; suffers a fear of heights.


A gentle man, Anzai is happy to spend his days tending to his home and family.

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